Wall clock from
Tupolev 154M airplane:

Limited series of wall clocks, made from fuselage sections of TU - 154М aircraft.

The front metal part of the case of this clock was polished for many hours with special means to mirror shine.

The case of the dial is made of carbon and protected by original polished glass of a plane window.

More than 40 hours of laborious work was spent on each of this item.

Each item has its own serial number, as well as a QR-code with information about the airplane.

We give a lifetime warranty on metal parts of our products and paintwork.

All colours are able for the clocks and dial.

Front - side logo RU-SKY can be changed at the request of the customer.

There are two types of sizes:
- FOUNDATION type (900 х 540 х 120 мм)
- SLIM type (875 х 440 х 80 мм)

Wall clocks
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